This last page exists to add a bit of Vergilian “trivia” and to wish you a fond farewell.

I. Trivia
A continuation of the Aeneid (a thirteenth book also known as the Supplementum) was written by Mafeo Vegio (1407-1458) as a kind poetic virtuoso showpiece, it seems to me. The Latin text exists somewhere in cyberspace and there is a lovely little book edited by the eminent Virgilian Michael Putnam, which includes not only “Aeneid XIII” but other short epics perhaps of interest to students of Homer and Vergil. [Mafeo Vegio, Short Epics. I Tatti Renaissance Library.(Harvard University Press)]


Yes. The road goes on and on:

Hic locus est, partes ubi se via findit in ambas:
Aeneid VI.540

Memory takes us back again:

forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.
Aeneid I.203

I will never forget our time studying Vergil together. Thank you for that precious gift.
Fortunatus magister ego.